How We Fell in Love with Mama Luma

How We Fell in Love with Mama Luma

Elegant designs my young fashionista adores

When Mama Luma reached out to me earlier this year, I was in the middle of a creative slump. I needed to do something fun and fresh and with my own daughter, who at the time has taken a back seat as my model. I was getting very busy with my photography business. I was also 5 months pregnant with our son, and I knew it was time to do something for the soul.

We adored the little eye ball jacket Mama Luma sent us this spring, so I took my daughter and her new outfit to Gibbs Gardens, a local zen retreat I love visiting so much. It was a perfect early spring outing. Then, just a few days ago, something amazing happened, again. A box with this gorgeous dress showed up on my door step. My daughter, who loves dresses beyond words, was ecstatic! I am so thankful to Mama Luma! This dress is beyond beautiful. It is also very comfortable and made with the finest materials.

I knew I wanted a very different scene for this shoot. My vision was for a street style café setting in our town of Alpharetta, where she would get to be this fashion forward, stylish little miss. So we went to Avalon! She absolutely loved wearing the dress, she twirled (totally without me prompting her) and posed for me like never before, and I feel like we totally nailed this session.

Don’t you agree?


A little about Mama Luma

It all started with a family. Co-founder Ata Sari was inspired by the beautiful designs of his mother and wanted to share them with the world. With the help of his good friend Kevin Mahany, and a love for fashion, Mama Luma was formed. Coupled with the incredible quality of Turkish fabric, Mama Luma’s designs embody the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each handmade piece. Inspired by the natural beauty of Santa Barbara and the elegance of European tradition, Mama Luma formed to help young ladies dress in the outfits of their dreams. The brand designs and manufactures the clothes of the modern age to help bring a cultivated style to the younger generations. Mama Luma is specialized in special occasion dresses, blouses and skirts, but does a great job in providing a variety of casual wear products that blends into it’s high fashion designs. The brand represents the haute couture culture for girls at it’s finest.





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