My Love Affair with Janie and Jack – Atlanta Family Photographer

My Love Affair with Janie and Jack

Atlanta Family Photographer

Anyone close to me knows I have a thing for Janie and Jack clothes. They are classic, timeless and high quality, and I love the way they make my little girl look like a little miss, proper and oh so adorable.

Our love affair started last year, when we went to the beach bringing her first Janie and Jack piece with us – a swim suit. It was so cute, so perfect for her, she loved it and so did we!


Then around Christmas 2016 I got her this  blue dress, and took this Christmas tree photo, that was noticed by Janie and Jack and shared on a few social channels. I could say it went viral, and it would not be a lie. I was ecstatic. For someone like me, who was just starting her photography business, to be noticed and praised by a national retailer as big as Janie and Jack, it was a huge deal! I was hooked. To my astonishment, they not only featured this image once, they asked for my permission to use it in another social marketing campaign. Of course, I said YES!!!



Same dress, different time of year 🙂

janie-and-jack-blue-dress-sunset janie-and-jack-blue-dress


Then something amazing happened: a box with three Janie and Jack outfits was sitting on my door step! We were given clothes to model and do flat lays with! I mean, how often does that happen??? I broke out in the silliest happy dance in my kitchen, as we opened the boxes and saw the outfits. They were from Janie and Jack’s latest Poppy Park Collection for Spring 2017, three full head to tow outfits with shoes and accessories. Below is what we ended up doing with them:

janie-and-jack-spring2017-poppy-blossoms-dress janie-and-jack-spring2017-poppy-blossoms-top-pants janie-and-jack-flatlays-spring2017collection



Thank you Janie and Jack for inviting us to be a part of your wonderful family, we love the clothes and will be fans for life!